[ Custom Inlays by Chel ]

Wood Art + Design

About Me

I am an artist and carpenter located in Chester County, Pennsylvania. I've been working with wood for over a decade, and my passion is re-creating beautiful images and memories out of custom hardwood inlays.

All of my art is painstakingly hand-drawn, a particular type of wood is chosen for it's color and then meticulously cut using simple tools in manual process I've refined from years working in wood with my hands. Custom inlays are then hand inlaid with exact precision, and finally sanded and finished, but never painted or stained. A final sealant is applied, preserving the the natural lustre and color of the wood, making every piece of art by Custom Inlays by Chel unique.

My Work

Each work of art starts as an idea drawn by hand. I prepare a proof from a concept, or adapt a drawing from a photo. Then, by choosing using different species of wood for their natural color color, each inlay segment is hand cut into a base materials to make the design. All of my work is done by hand using a scroll saw and palm router, without relying on CNC machines or computer imaging systems that most woodworkers use.

Take a look at some of the photos of my work! Several pieces are still for sale and custom requests are enthusiastically accepted, which may be a portrait of a loved one, a pet or an artistic design.

If you're interested in a custom piece of artwork of your very own, please send me a picture or and idea of what you'd like done and I'll happily draw up a sketch at no charge. If you're interested in a handcrafted, totally unique piece of art, please reach out or tell your friends and family I'd be happy craft your memories in wood.